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to self-healing website of answers, tools, solutions…and so much more about “How to heal your body and life?” Many times I was told that I cannot heal my life my health problems…from doctors, friends, family, co-workers… Despite my health issues, difficult childhood and strong unhappiness within me, I deeply within knew that the change and healing can happen – I just did not know how and in what way. Then, through suffering, awakening happened and self-healing process began. Awakening was gradual but major process that lead myself and my sister to complete freedom from within and without. Our health and life began to experience the power that comes within – We call it inner healing power. We became free of all our diseases and suffering.

Richness of exploring, insights, awareness and past experiences can be now found on this website through videos, guidance, meditations and consultations. Welcome again.

With love, Suzana Trnovsek

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