How I healed Facial Paralysis |  Karmen’s self-healing life story

How I healed Facial Paralysis | Karmen’s self-healing life story

Karmen’s facial paralysis story:

I was working in a very stressful job in my twenties. This was my first »serious « and permanent job that I took because my mother wanted a secure every month salary for me. Because I didn’t know what I want to do in my life and I didn’t know myself, I listen to my mother and took the job.

The job was nothing that I expected to be, such as: interesting assignments, nice people, pleasant environment, good money…It was opposite. I was thrown into the environment with a lot of challenging people and in the first few months I was already bullied. I didn’t like my assignments, working area, most of the people, profession…It was nothing enjoyable about it. I was there only because of the money so that I could payed my bills and later loans.

Because of deep unhappiness for some years in this work environment I began to struggle with my health. I was starting to feel burning sensations in my stomach, light anxiety and huge challenges with panic attacks appeared in my everyday life. My skin was full of acne and there was no more happiness, joy and health in my life. This was my deeply depressed life period.

After 7 years, I could not stand to be even one more day in this work area, so I decided to quit the job, to find myself and my passion in life (even though I did not know my life purpose and what is waiting for me).

Just one day after I send my quit letter to my boss, I woke up in the morning without this huge burden of stress on my shoulders. I felt good but something was still not right. I felt strange feeling on my face. I didn’t know if I have hit with my face somewhere through the night or what. I went to the bathroom, looked myself in the mirror …and there it was…shocked…my left side of my face has collapsed. I could not close my left eye, I had sagging cheek, my forehead was numb, I could not move my eyebrow, left corner of my lip was lowered, I didn’t feel left side of my tongue – there was no taste and the face looked lifeless. I started to feel the pain in my left ear and because I didn’t know what is going on, my sister Suzana went to check the symptoms on the internet. She did not find much about this disease except, that is not possible to cure. But she did not tell me that. What was recommended also is to go to the doctor and begin to cure with medicines.

So I went to the doctor, I got some strong medicine, sign the papers for not staying in the hospital and went home.

No one knew, even the doctor, what is the real reason behind this disease. Common cold was one of the possible reasons, but my sister Suzana knew that it has to be a bigger reason behind that huge collapse of the face.

Healing Facial paralysis with medicines

The first few weeks of healing with medicines were painful. In my ear and area behind it was the biggest pain for me. When the treatment with medicines was over, the pain even worsened. All I was very glad is that I ended taking the medicines, because I was never for this kind of healing, except if there was really no other options in a given moment.

My left side of the face after the medical treatment looked still the same, damaged, tired and lifeless. 3 weeks of prescript face physiotherapy, helped me to get the face on 60% out of 100%. I was glad, but not satisfied. While I was eating, my left side of the lip still did not move properly and in the cold days my face worsen for at least 15%.

After the doctor has closed my medical file I asked myself: »So, what now? What are my other options to get my face on the same level as before and back to 100% healthy stage? What else can I do? «

Natural healing of Facial paralysis

So to heal the face fully, my sister Suzana and I needed to find the cause of this disease and heal it naturally. I was really lucky because I had my sister who was very eager to find a natural cure for me as she did for all her health problems in the past.

It took her some period of time to find it, but she did. At that time also our awakening happened. That helped her lead to the answer and to the cause of the disease.

Suzana has become aware that what is causing face paralysis disease are our inner blockades (wounds) located in our body. Those kind of blockades we can bring already in this body from the past life experiences or the wounds can be created in our early childhood years. Those blockades are growing through the years to the point they damage our nerve system. Nerve system gets damaged and it cannot work normal anymore or as well as it did before. The body shows us the symptoms as the reflection of facial paralysis.

The cause of facial paralysis was then very clear to Suzana. In order to heal facial paralyses I need to heal my inner wounds and blockades located in the body and open myself to inner healing.

I was very pleased with this wisdom and knowledge coming through my sister. Because of our awakening, I was already for a few months on self-healing journey. Meditating on opening and balancing chakras was also our everyday ritual.

Meditating on all of 7 basic chakras helped me to heal the blockades that took place in my nerve system and all over my inner body. Healing was not always easy. Sometimes I felt physical pains, other times emotional pains, but when the healing took the surface place on the skin I also felt a pleasant tingling. When inner emotional wounds came to the surface my face got worse for that time. It was interesting to observe “conversation” between wounds and my face. When the wound was healed my face got better.

Today my face has healed to 95%. It needs the last 5%. Despite the missing 5%, my face is now full of life and aliveness. Now, there are no more past suffering in my body which is beautifully reflected on my face, body and in my life. My face is healed with my own inner aliveness, my body is light and completely healthy and my life is more joyful, empowered, in peace and covered with love than ever. Through the process of self- healing also the biggest secret of my life purpose has been revealed to me. After many years of searching for my purpose in life, I found it (more precisely, it was revealed to me) through the healing of everything that was not truly me. When my burdens dissolved I also found my true self, deeper self, my wholeness. This was and still is the most amazing self-healing journey with magical side bonuses on all areas in my life.

I am deeply grateful and thankful to my sister Suzana, who has selflessly helped me through the healing, devoted her time and heart to connect me to the inner world and lead me through the self-healing process. She is the most loving Being (that I love deeply and infinitely) who was always by my side when I needed her guidance, support and help through the healing. Now she is sharing her wisdom, rich experiences and teachings also with everyone else who is dealing with this disease (or any disease) and needs help and guidance.

Facial paralysis is possible to cure fully. If I could heal it, so can you. My warm and only suggestion to you is that you start with the self-healing journey immediately.

Karmen Trnovsek


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