How I healed negative (demon) energy stepping into my body

How I healed negative (demon) energy stepping into my body

Today I want to share with you my unusual »negative (demon) energy stepping into my body« story.

I was around 25 years old, living in my parent’s house when all started.  During the slipping, I started to experience repeating unfamiliar sensations. It seemed like it is a dream state, but on the other hand was much awakened – real – state. In this state suddenly appeared a loud man’s voice, screaming and shouting at me. It felt like it is coming from my upper back area. The vibration of this voice was intense, horrifying, low, horrible, scary, violent, aggressive and dominant. It had an extremely negative power. I wanted to wake up from a seemingly bad dream, but I couldn’t. It had a strong power over me. It felt like as it is holding me in this state and I am not allowed and to have the strength to come out. The battle between me and this powerful negative energy started. I had a feeling as though I am screaming for somebody to help me, but in truth there was no voice coming out of me. It was a battle between myself and that overpowering energy. It seemed like it wanted to destroy me, but I was fighting to get out of it. I felt at the same time powerless, weak, with no ability to scream for help. The battle with demonic energy ended immediately when I woke up. When I opened my eyes, the energy was gone and I was frightened to my bones.

The feelings were weird, not explainable, confusing, not understandable…My first thoughts were: »It is just a bad dream or something«, so I didn’t give it so much attention. But somehow the next night all happened again. This time the energy was even stronger. While the man’s screaming was loud and powerful, it also started to become physical pain on my back area. So when I came out of this struggling, my back was in huge pain. Hurting me. Surprisingly, it didn’t stop there. For the next nights, the power of this energy quickly spread through my whole body.

Negative (demon) energy stepping into my body

One night the scariest feeling came through me. It felt like negative demon energy was stepping through my back into my body while I was sleeping. This was enormously painful. The energy was so much stronger and more powerful than me. It was negative, loud, screaming…It had a low vibration frequency, with bad intention, very scary and almost with unexplainable, weird sounds. It took a while for me to come out of it and woke up. When I got out of this state my whole back of the body was in huge pain. The closest words that I can describe this experience is with feelings of demons energy stepping into my body. It was very scary and at the same time even more frightening because I became totally aware that this is happening for real.

I didn’t know what is happening to me. My questions were: “What does this mean? Why me? How to deal with it?”

I didn’t say to anyone. I mentioned to my friend and sister, but not a lot. Those attacks of negative energy started appeared to me every single night and spread through the weeks and months. When was time to go to bed, I didn’t want to go to sleep. I was sleeping with the lights on, but it didn’t help. Of course, eventually I fell asleep and the horror experiences repeated again and again. The days rolled into months. I actually did not sleep a lot and when I did, it was like I am at torturing. That is why I also looked exhausted, tired, pale, with deep dark eye circles, no aliveness in my moving, speaking…I looked totally different. Coworker Maja one day asked me: “Karmen, is that you?” I had no energy to dress nicely anymore. I didn’t do my hair. I was in a zone of not caring for myself or anything else.

Sometimes after I had battled with this demon energy, I was so scared that I went in the middle of the night to sleep in the bed with my parents. I was too scared to sleep alone and at that time my sister Suzana already lived in her own apartment ( so I couldn’t go to sleep to her). I did not know what to do, how to deal with it and fear was too strong to even find any solutions. I was changing rooms where I would sleep because I thought that I might have a demon in my room. It felt like so.

It pushed me so far that there was no vitality in me. I did not sleep at all. I was scared, exhausted and beginning to have suicidal thoughts. I was thinking about jumping out of my balcony and finish with my life. This was the time when I did not want to live anymore. I simply didn’t have the energy to deal with these attacks of demons energy any longer.

Searching for the solution in the outer world

When my dear friend Svetlana ask me to go with her and her mom on vacations to Bosnia, visit her aunt, I was very eager to go. I felt on some level released. I thought I would get some free days out of this nightmare. My attention went straight to traveling in the car, relaxing and having a good time. I recall thinking: “Now I can forget about my problem, at least until I come back.”

Unfortunately and fortunately it was the point of my highest suffering. The first night while we were sleeping, this “demon” energy attacked me again. When I pulled myself out of this state I felt angry about what is happening to me. I was crying, screaming, yelling….I had a break down. I was done with it.  I spoke loudly: “If I don’t find any kind of solution today, there is no more strength in me to live.”

Svetlana, who was witnessing my break down, called her mother and aunt. They were worried about me, but also very eager to help me. Svetlana’s aunt called a woman in the village, who was known as a healer of negative energies. All four of us sat in the car and drive for half hour away.

Driving to that lady was like being in a horror movie where everything was happening to try to stop us to get there. Energy within me was resisting with different obstacles on a way to get there. It was pouring. And then, an owl landed in the middle of the road in front and stared at us. The owl did not move away, so we were forced to bypass it. But that was not all. On half way, our tire had broken. We were stuck. Soon after a farmer passed by, he stopped and was willing to help us change the tire. After an endless hour of barriers on the road, we managed to finally arrive to this woman. She came out of the house, wearing all black, even a hat. I was invited in her house for the session. She didn’t even talk to me, she just did her work. In this session I was standing still and she put on my head a bowl with some ingredients in (I didn’t know what was mixed in). She started quietly repeating some words and after five minutes I was done. She also gave me some water in the bottle to put it under my bed, where I was sleeping. Then I paid her (it was optional), gratefully thank her and hoped for the best.

Even though the attacks did not stop completely in the beginning (I experienced few more times of a lighter attack), I got back the will to live. In the following weeks demon attacks fade away completely. I was (and still am) enormously grateful to Svetlana, her mum and aunt for their selfless help.

Through the years I noticed some unusual and strange sensations when I had a nap time during the day. If I was tired and took a quick (30min) nap, when I woke up I felt strange. As though I was not completely aware of my body. I felt weak. If I was thirsty I couldn’t drink a water immediately because when I drank it, within my body was weird, unpleasant sensation. It took me 15 minutes to get in my normal state of feelings again after I drank a water.  I cannot explain why, but it was really strange. I noticed that at those same nights usually light “demon” attack came on the surface. So I stopped with napping during the day. At that time I was not aware about connections between daily sensations and demon attacks, but true realizations came some years after.

Demon’s energy attacks came back

Several years later, my awakening happened out of all the accumulated suffering through the years. I stepped on the self-healing process together with my sister Suzana.

In the beginning of self-healing process, I had the biggest challenge in front of me – diving into my inner world – because I was afraid of what can be presented to me during the healing, based on those “demon” experiences and all my fears. I didn’t know what to expect. Fears came to the surface, such as: fear of myself, fear of meditating, fear of experience something unknown…Self-healing journey was at that time the only path to liberation, so I needed to face my fears and going into my inner world.

After three months of self-healing journey, this demon energy surprisingly overtook my body again. I was in shock. I didn’t expect it. I was sure that it was removed that day (in Bosnia) out of my body. I didn’t know how to deal with it again. Fortunately, now I had my sister Suzana by my side. She went into research for any information about dealing with this demon energy. We got the information that resonated with us. The advice from one woman was, to ask your guides – angels – for help during the devil’s attack. With those specific words: “Dear angels please help me!”

And I tried the next night. While the attack of evil appeared, in that particular state, I became aware of it and started to ask my guides – angels for help. And you know what? The attack stopped immediately. I was amazed. I became aware of the power of our angels –guides that are by our side all the time. If we ask them for help, they help us.

But then, there was another surprise the next night. My sister Suzana experienced the same energy attack through her sleeping. She describes the energy as negative, powerful, hypocritical, misleading …and as the worst experience in her life. Now she could understand what I was dealing with the years before and in at that present moment. This was our turning point.

Real reason behind the demon energy

Through the next days, Suzana observed the energy attacks through my detailed explanations and based on her own experience. We approached with a plan to that situation in a following way:

–          I dived into the self-healing process with meditation. That powerfully began to heal that energy ball that was blocking my essence and creating demon attack over me;

–          When attacking during the night still appeared, I ask my guides for help and the attack has immediately stopped;

–          I also learned becoming aware of my own strength and deal with the demon attack by demanding this energy to go away. That helped me to become brave while I was challenged at night.

In just two weeks of intense self-healing dedication, the attacks have stopped. But this time they stopped forever. Of course, healing from within was not over, but the energy was not overpowering my essence as it did before. But it crumbled it with my expanded consciousness. Not only that, the strength within me has grown enormously.

Suzana came to the conclusions and revelations that these are NOT DEMON ENERGIES in the room, in body or somewhere outside. I am very glad to tell you that you are not curst. It appears as demon energy, but it is not.

What was causing those tense attacks were my past traumatic and also karmic wounds that were expressed and awakened while I was sleeping. Why at night? When we go to sleep, we are in a deep relaxing state. So, all the berried unconscious wounds came at night without resistance fully to the surface and took over the light and my body. It felt as though someone has entered within my body, but the wounds were coming to the surface and covered my essence. That created illusion of someone entering from my upper back.

As we discover through the self-healing process – those negative energies were still vibrating in my body, even though the lady in Bosnia was able to clear my energy field for a few years. They were rooted in my body. So when I started with my own will and decision, diving into my inner world, they came back to the surface so I could deal with them and heal them forever.

Now I am healed fully and free. And I want that for you too.

You have the power within

Do not be afraid.

You have the power within to heal those energy attacks. Dedicate your time to self-healing process, where you awaken your inner healing power, expand your consciousness and heal your wounds, which will liberate you from your suffering – any suffering.

We are here for you. In case you need help on your self-healing journey, you are invited to step into contact with Suzana through different options listed below. Suzana is now sharing those rich self-healing teachings all around the world with anyone who seeks and need help.

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With Love, Karmen

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