Burning sensations in the stomach, lower back, genitals and upper legs

Burning sensations in the stomach, lower back, genitals and upper legs

Of all the diseases that I had experienced, this lasted the longest time. It was very tricky to find the cause of it, even though my sister Suzana already experienced it a few years before.

It all started with innocent heat in my stomach area while I was working in the office. This was the job I was not enjoying it. I was in constant internal resistance of working there. I searched for my other options all the time, but I had not found any real thread at that time. Deep down inside of me, I knew that there is something more for what I was born for. I knew it, but the reflection was not the same as my knowingness. I couldn’t accept the fact that at that present moment this was my path. So I fight it. I fight it mentally. My thoughts were running my life. Over thinking lead me to internal over stressing. From the outside I was acting cool as it would be all my plans, but in truth, I was not able to express my unhappy feelings. As though some believes or mental perceptions are holding me back. So, I felt stuck. I struggled from the inner and from the outer.

At that time, feelings of gentle heat in my stomach area began. As if my stomach was lightly burning from the inside out. The heat appeared occasionally. It was not regular or predictable in the beginning, but it was almost all the time arising to the surface while I was working in the office – sitting on the chair. This heat in my stomach was not known to me. I didn’t understand it at that time.

Back in those days I was not aware of my inner world or consciousness. Everything was perceived through the mind. I totally identified with it, so I started to search for solutions outside the outer world. I believed that external solutions will prevent the heat in my body.

Searching for solutions in the outer world

In the early stages when the heat was still not strong, I tried different natural approaches. First one was drinking mint tea that helped me to calm down and at the same time it helped to decrease the heat in my body. But in furthers weeks the heat progressed and tea did not help me anymore. It made me also dizzy. So, I stopped drinking it. I tried also with turmeric and it helped me just a few times.

Heat in my stomach area became more and more regular. I was forced to find other solutions. I was already sports active. I was running 3 times per week. I thought, if I double the running, it might help me. So, I did. I went running almost every day to get rid of the heat, but every time I was not active or move around, heat awakened.

After few months of having heat in the stomach area, it spread also on my upper legs, genitals and lower back.

When my outer solutions didn’t work, I became very worried. Fears about the possible side effects of this heat in my body, were running through my mind. My thoughts were negative and fearful. They were telling me that I will get sick. Because my fears were growing, so did the heat. It got worse and wilder. The heat intensified to burning sensations in my body. It felt like as though I was living with a burning ball in my body. It became unbearable and unpleasant through the whole day. When I came from work, the heat spread it to the level that I could not focus on anything else then those burning sensations. The intensity of burning sensation was so strong, that all I could do was to lay down.

I was more looking forward to go to sleep than to wake up. While I was sleeping, I did not feel those sensations. I was able to sleep normally. But as soon as I woke up, the heat awakened and increased through the day. Evenings were the worst, because I was already really tired from those sensations.

Days were dark and with no solution. My sister began to do research on the internet what could cause the heat in the body. And then she had found, just two words that helped us to move further. She found the words “root chakra”. At that time we were not aware of our energy centers, inner body and consciousness. So for us, that was a great discovery. We knew that now, we need to find somebody to help me to clear energy, although we did not know anything about the energies, chakras, consciousness etc. We had the trail and we took an immediate action.

Then I remembered how my brother told me, a while ago, about one woman who he visit to reflex massage therapy, and a great experience he had with a healing. She was doing feet reflex therapy and was able to connect to higher energies to help with clearing and healing. So, I contacted her, booked the session and visit her just few days later.

Despite that she helped to many people with clearing the energy and healing, with me she was struggling. She told me something very unusual to me: “You are so much closed, you are internally closed. The energies cannot come to you.” That was surprising to me, because I had no feeling at all. I always thought about myself as open person. But that was not all. She used the exact following words: “You are closed as a rind. I can do for you 17 energy treatments and it won’t be enough.”

At that time I was not aware the importance of those words, but my sister Suzana was. She became instantly aware of red flags. She became worried, but didn’t say anything to me at that time. She went forward on investigation about the cause of those torturing burning sensations.

Inner healing of the burning sensations in the stomach, lower back, genitals and upper legs

Soon, Suzana found a trail to possible healing of my burning sensations – at the time her awakening began to happen. It was big enough, so it put us in the hopeful healing process. The trail was – meditation. We knew nothing specific about the meditation at that time, but Suzana had an inner sense that it will help me.

Suzana told me that I need to begin with meditation to heal those burning sensations. First, I didn’t listen to her. I was not a “believer” of meditations. I thought about them as something that is just for “spiritual people”, not me. I also convinced myself that I can heal it with something from the outside. In truth, I was afraid of going inside of me so I was resisting it with full strength. I didn’t know what to expect, so I postponed with meditation.

Burning sensations kept growing and they were unbearable. Suzana already started to meditate and she became aware of the enormous healing from within, so she constantly tried to tell me that this will help me a lot. In a few more weeks, the heat was so strong, that I had no other options then to go inside with meditation.

I started to meditate with the company of my sister in the room, lights on and with silent music. For the first time, after a lot of months with those constant burning sensations in my body, I felt amazing. My stomach was relaxed and heat in the body has finally subsided for a few hours. This was for me more than I could ask for. I had immediately recognized the right solution. I was happy, excited and looking forward to the next day, next meditation.

The burning sensations did not stop that day. It was a gradual healing process that demanded from me dedication. Sometimes during meditation, the heat was so strong that I could barely finish it. So, those sensations sometimes arise with its full power, then they subside it fully and gradually healed forever.

Once, my sister and I discovered what does the heat in the body means, the process was much easier. I was not scared anymore.

The cause of the burning sensations in my body

The cause that created the heat in the body were deeply repressed and suppressed emotions. In the past, I was abused, verbally attacked many times, unhappy and unsatisfied with my life. But with the years, the wounds gradually locked in the unconscious level without me being aware of them.

When later on somebody offended me, verbally attacked or laugh at me, I did not feel anything. I did not feel sadness or angriness. It felt like I became immune to negative behaviors. Nothing externally could not touch me. Well, that is what I thought it was. I thought that not feeling any pains in challenges is a sign of begin strong. But with no feelings of negative emotions, also other feelings began to dissolve. Years later I lost also the feelings of joy, happiness, playfulness, laughter and so on. There was an emptiness within me and in external life. I did not feel any kind of emotions – positive or negative. It felt like I am a robot.

I was not aware of repressed past wounds that wanted to be released and healed. I could not recognize them anymore. They started to expand, became stronger with years and body responded to those lower build up suppressed emotions. So, heat in the body is the result of suppressed emotional wounds, building up and not having an exit of my presence to be released. Using meditation was the most powerful tool that help me firstly to unlock suppressed emotions. Then I began to learn how to feel them, how to recognize my wounds that were finally coming on the surface. I forgot what emotions actually are, so my sister Suzana was teaching me. I have learned also that when you feel sadness, it is ok to feel it, but being the observer of it is important to release them. With feeling the emotions, they were able to finally be released and dissolved. Consequently the burning sensations were disappearing.

From then on, I learned to open myself to those emotions and felt the anger coming out of me. I was shocked that the anger was within me because I never felt angry before. But when past became more and more clear from within, the burning sensations began to subside and disappear. I felt lighter and happier. Not only that. For the first time, I felt joy and peace awakening within me.

Stepping stones

Stepping on the stepping stones with presence, meditation, nature, healing through the day and night was crucial to deal with the heat in the body and with recognizing emotions. So, that lady who tried to clear my energy and she could not do it is because the wounds were deeply suppressed. I discovered that if we go within with our own intention, we can clear anything and heal ourselves completely. Within us is the greatest power, but we need to do the steps. Although from the outer perspective looks that it is not possible, by going within, everything (magic) is possible.

If you are also dealing with those burning sensations, I would love to tell you that you don’t need to be scared. You can heal them completely from within. I recommend you a dedication to your self-healing process, where all that is causing health problems dissolves. I admit, the healing is not always easy. You can feel physical pains, emotional pains or the health problems could worsen for a while. But this are all the signals of powerful healing awakening. You will step on the greatest path to your liberation of any suffering you are dealing with right now. Remember, you have the power to heal yourself, but from you is needed focus within your body.

We are here for you. If you need help on your stepping stones through the self-healing process, you are invited to choose the option below to step into contact with Suzana. She is now sharing this rich self-heling teaching all around the world with everyone who seeks and needs help.

With Love, Karmen

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